Squads are a big things these days. Taylor Swift has one. Most thirteen year old girls have one. Professional athletes, models and other high profile figures have them as well.  And despite the prominent squads we see in the media many in the business arena have them too! So what about the trucking business? As a trucking professional – have you looked around recently and recognized who is essential in your squad?


A trucking business doesn’t exists without professionals with Class A (and also Class C) licenses. This statement is easier written than understood though. As many owners of trucking companies know, drivers must have at least two years of experience and are subject to criteria set forth by the state(s) operated in as well as insurance companies. Experience, age, even marital status can impact the hiring process. Finding and keeping professional drivers in one’s squad takes time and effort. A squad is squad though and like any strong professional presence, a truly professional driver is squad-critical.

Operations Manager

The trucking industry – and more generally speaking the transportation industry – operate from the crack of dawn and into the late hours of each night. An Operations Manager of trucking companies deal with a lot. And by a lot, the definition extends to dispatching, working with freight brokers, maintaining compliance (mandated by state and federal governments) in addition to insurance matters, driver matters, and anything in everything in between. And this professional squad member is expected to keep a cool head and ensure all responsibilities are met.

Accounting Wiz

In the world of transportation, money management is critical. One may have to manage weekly driver payments, fleet-related expenditures, regulatory costs in addition to insurance costs as well. Working with several people from various aspects of the industry is essential. Managing the quick exchange of money helps transportation companies prosper.  

Insurance Pro

The transportation sector is one that is heavily regulated and mandate insurance is maintained. While the insurance requirements are fairly consistent, the products that meet such products vary and can impact a business’ bottom line and efficiencies. It’s imperative to have an experienced and knowledgeable insurance representative in one’s transportation squad as this person is essentially part of your team and success.


Three letters can mean so much to a company. Combined, CEO, can impart leadership, vision, structure, opportunity and so much more. The three letters, C, E, O,  (as well as the person who hold such title) can be the external perception of an entire organization. The lofty weight placed on such a role is one reason why a CEO is a critical part of a trucking company’s squad. The CEO is not just the “face” but often the decision maker as well.  And what better squad member to have than the one who arguably has the most invested in the business.

A squad is not easy to come by, but knowing in advance who is crucial to the success of an organization is often on the shoulders of the owner(s). Squads are a good thing though (unless the clique overrides the purpose) and lend to teamwork, innovation and a productive working environment.

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