Specially Designed for Transportation Industry: RSI Solutions

At RSI, we’ve taken the effort out of deciding between countless different transportation and health insurance packages by offering the following packaged solutions. Whether you are a small fleet owner operator or an owner of a company looking to lower your insurance premiums through monthly reporting policies, we have the solution for you!

Large Fleet Insurance

At RSI our team of solution providers work hard at navigating the complex, ever-changing terrain of transportation insurance so you don’t have to. We develop innovative insurance packages to create a stronger future for your company. Whether you are an owner operator or the owner of a large fleet with specific tranportation, logistical, and warehousing needs, our goal is to provide you with a custom insurance program that is comprehensive, efficient, and affordable.

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Small Fleet Insurance

Do you want a program with low down payments, monthly installments, no premium financing, 24-hour coverage, DMV filings, and coverage for up to two trucks? A program that you can cancel at any time? We understand the needs and challenges of operating a small fleet and offer this package to help you protect and grow your business.

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Employee Benefit Programs

At RSI our team of solution providers work hard to align your company’s financial needs with the benefit needs of your employees. Our innovative employee benefit packages include a large variety of health, dental, vision, life, retirement, and disability insurance plans from all the major carriers nationwide. Whether you are looking for individual or group coverage, we provide fully insured and partial self-funded plans to keep you moving ahead.

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AVERT: All Vehicle Event Recorder Technology

Do you want to reduce your company’s number of driving accidents? Lower maintenance, fuel, and insurance costs? Studies have shown that coaching employees in safe driving techniques significantly reduces risky behaviors and accident severity. Our solution is AVERT, an exclusive program featuring custom insurance coverages combined with in-vehicle camera technology to screen risky driver behavior and correct it.

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Supply Chain Insurance Program

Are you concerned about your supply chain risks? Looking for a competitive alternative to your current in-transit commodities coverage as well as online printing, reporting, and tracking features? Our Supply Chain Insurance Program is tailored to the increasingly complex needs of Direct Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Manufacturers, and Importers/Exporters. Whether its local, national, or international, we protect your chain of distribution from breaking.

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