Trucking Coverage


At RSI our team of solution providers work hard at navigating the complex, ever-changing terrain of transportation insurance so you don’t have to. We develop innovative insurance packages to create a stronger future for your company. Whether you are looking to reduce overall insurance costs, improve your risk management program, or improve driver retention, our goal is to provide you with a custom insurance program that is comprehensive, efficient, and affordable. Our insurance packages are customized for small to large fleets within the transportation industry.

Auto Liability | General Liability | Umbrella/Excess Liability | Warehouse Liability |Cargo |Property|
Professional Liability | Trailer Interchange | Occupational Accident | Workers Compensation

Auto Liability

Auto Liability provides coverage for the legal liability of a trucker who causes Bodily Injury or Property Damage due to negligent ownership maintenance or use of their vehicle. The insurance company agrees to pay on behalf of the insured for this legal liability.


RSI Insurance Brokers can discuss the options that may be available for your business. RSI can structure a policy that meets your needs.
These policy types can vary from mileage reporting, gross revenue, or your traditional scheduled vehicle type policies.

General Liability

General Liability provides coverage for the liability incurred as a result of operations, rather than by auto or truck. This would include liability for yard and office premises as well as any other operations such as warehouse, grading, product manufacturing, etc.

With so many restrictions on these policy forms, it is vital to make sure you have the right job classifications listed on the policy form.RSI Insurance Brokers can help you review your current operations extensively to avoid any potential gaps in coverage.

Commercial Umbrella or Excess Liability

Commercial Umbrella or Excess Liability insurance supplements the limits of an insured’s underlying policies such as general liability, automobile liability, and employers liability. Umbrellas also protect insureds from exclusions and gaps that exist in their primary liability insurance. Covered causes of loss that are not normally included in primary policies are subject to a self-insured retention (SIR), which is the responsibility of the insured to pay. An umbrella policy’s coverage is triggered when the limits of the underlying insurance have been exhausted. Less commonly, an umbrella may also respond to a claim that is not covered by an underlying policy, but only when the loss amount exceeds the self-insured retention

These policies can at times be confusing. Depending on the underlying carriers financial rating, the insurance company may chose not to use a following form. RSI Insurance Brokers can discuss these issues that may seem minor at the time, but can end up costing you after a loss.

Warehouse Liability

Warehouse Liability insurance protects the freight a company assigns storage charges for. Warehouse receipts specifying the terms of the storage contract must be utilized.Warehouse coverage is one of the most complex coverages you can purchase. If this policy is not written correctly, it can not only cost you thousands of dollars, or have uncovered losses. Although most warehousing operations think they need warehousemans legal, you may actually need a bailee policy form. RSI can discuss your operations specific needs, address what you are doing to limit your exposures, and create the best program for you.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides coverage for the legal liability of the trucker in regards to the property being transported while in the trucker’s care, custody and control. Coverage is written for a specified limit. To keep the premiums low, a deductible is usually mandatory.

With many restrictions and limitations that most carriers have, we have decided to work with select carriers who offer inland marine and cargo policy forms on both specified auto and gross revenue basis.

Property Insurance

Business personal property coverage protects your investment in property and equipment that you may purchase or lease, while its in your care, custody and control. Some of the covered perils are: Theft, Fire, Wind, Lightening, Hail, Explosion, Vandalism, Smoke, Sprinkler Leakage, Riot or Civil Commotion, Sink Hole Collapse, Volcano.

The buildings and personal property coverage may be classified in three ways:

  • Owned buildings – These buildings are listed and described in the declarations of the insurance policy. Also covered is anything that has become a permanent part of the buildings, to include additions, fixtures, extensions, machinery, and equipment.
  • Owned Business personal property – Property covered is the business personal property that is owned by the insured and its common in the occupancy usage by the insured.
  • Non Owned Business personal property – Properties covered are improvements and betterments (Alterations made by the insured to the building that he or she is leasing and that cannot be removed upon the termination of the lease), and personal property of someone other than the insured that is under the care, custody, or control of the insured.

These coverages can be included in a package with the inland marine, and warehouse coverages. Most of our carriers can provide a wide range of ancillary benefits that are second to none.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance is coverage for specialists in various professional fields. Since basic liability policies do not protect against situations arising out of business or professional pursuits, professional liability insurance is purchased by individuals who hold themselves to the general public as having greater than average expertise and particular areas. For example, surgeons, dentists, accountants, lawyers, freight forwarders, freight broker, etc.

RSI Insurance Brokers will review your current situation, and be pro-active on making sure all of your business practices are addressed.


Trailer-Interchange Liability coverage protects the trailer you do not own while in your possession under a written trailer or equipment interchange agreement in which you assume liability for loss to the trailers while in your possession.

This coverage can be easily misunderstood and written incorrectly. RSI Insurance Brokers insures many intermodal operations and can demonstrate the best way to insure your exposures.

Occupational Accident Insurance

Occupational Accident insurance cover claims for accidents that occur while independent contractors are on the job, this is not to take place of your traditional Workers’ Compensation type policy. It is the standard alternative for owner-operators who are excluded under the worker’s compensation policies, since they are the owners of their own business. There is normally a limit for benefits, with no deductible.

RSI Insurance Brokers has experience in tailoring programs for our motor carriers. Some of the carriers we represent provide contract liability coverage. This coverage will protect and provide defense for the motor carrier when, and if, a 1099 contractor files for work comp benefits.

Worker’s Compensation

The government mandates all employers maintain a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy in force for their employees. This insurance protects employers against liability to their workers for injuries sustained while on the job. This insurance policy also protects the employee and his/her ability to create future earnings to support themselves and their family.

RSI Insurance Brokers has solved the puzzle to your workers compensation insurance requirements and audit issues. Regardless of your operations we can provide a traditional workers compensation insurance policy, or if you are looking at combining your payroll services, and human resources, we have a solution for