Lindora Lean for Life on the Road

Passport for Health

RSI Employers Source has partnered with Lindora to assist the Trucking Industry in living a healthier lifestyle. Lindora has created the Lean for Life® On-the-Road Program.

Truckers are, without question, one of the least healthy occupational groups inAmerica, as 65% of drivers are obese. The life expectancy of truckers is just 60 years. An alarming percentage of truckers currently on the road would likely fail the new DOT medical exam being implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Companies could potentially face driver shortages, impacting fleet mobility. Many individual truckers are at risk of losing their livelihood.

The Healthy Trucker Association of America (HTAA) approached Lindora Clinic and asked for support in addressing the health challenges of their members.

In response, Lindora developed a weight loss pilot program for truckers. Pilot participants lost between 8 and 33 lbs. in the first 8 weeks with an average loss of 17 lbs. Health benefits were immediate.

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You Can…

  •        Lower Blood Pressure
  •        Lower Cholesterol
  •        Lessen Fatigue
  •        Lessen Pain
  •        Lessen Stress and Anxiety
  •        Diminish Depression


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