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Talley Group – Personalized Financial Partnerships Within Reach

Sports teams are often equipped with specialty players that help them win when the intended game plan doesn’t quite come to fruition. A business operates the same way, often relying on partnerships with other companies to reach its goals. RSI Insurance Brokers, Inc. and Talley Group are two unique organizations, with successful track records in their respective industries. What Talley Group brings to the plate in regards to its ability to enhance a company’s success are clutch plays and fine-tuned strategies in tax & assurance, M&A advisory, and technology-based accounting solutions.

Talley Group is not a typical accounting, tax and financial services firm, they instead have the experience and skill necessary to design and implement a strategic plan that works not just with the numbers, but the people who put in the time. Consultants from Talley Group are able to communicate effectively whether one is a C-level executive or HR intern. Time consuming and complex business items such as multi-jurisdictional income tax are simplified and re-structured to maintain compliance and improve margins.

As a commercial insurance broker specializing in the transportation industry, RSI Insurance Brokers, Inc. has successfully collaborated on many opportunities with the professionals at Talley Group. Whether a company is still in the start-up stages or has weathered the test of time, Talley Group is equipped with the right team to help engage and manage the merger and acquisition process. While every baseball team needs a closer, so does a company that’s considering a merger or acquisition. Long before the negotiations hit the table, you’ll want a trusted partner in your corner to talk to, collaborate with, and ask 1,000 and 1 questions.

If you’re a CEO, a CFO, or COO working and/or watching your company’s numbers each day, Talley Group can help improve your processes. If you’re burnt out on pivot tables, and the same approach to analyzing everyday figures, a Talley Group team member can implement a technology based accounting solution that fits your business’ needs, helping improve budgeting, forecasting, vendor management, audit preparation, and the quality and timeliness of your financial statements.

In the sports world, franchises recognize the need for power play specialists, special teams, and in some leagues, a designated hitter. In the financial services world, Talley Group fulfills each of those roles and much more. Contact a specialist at Talley Group to discuss your strategic partnership.

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