Everyone knows you need to have insurance while operating a trucking company, but what kind of things can actually be covered? There are a number of insurance lines you can get to cover your business so let’s see a small cross section of some of the instances where  insurance can protect your business.

Smashes and Crashes

  • Truck crashes, does damage to itself and others property
  • A driver uses a forklift to unload and damages property
  • Product getting damaged while in transit
  • Costs of Pollution conditions (sudden, accidental or gradual)
  • Losses during trailer-interchange

People getting injured

  • Individuals hurt in an automobile collisions
  • Clients/vendors slipping and falling on your property
  • Own staff hurting themselves while performing tasks as an employee

Mistakes Made

  • Lawsuits from accidents or any related cause
  • Incorrect delivery of products that result damage
  • Libel and slander instances
  • Freight Brokers or forwarders making a judgement error which causes loss
  • Fuel trucks providing wrong fuel to depot and damage is done to vehicles who use wrong fuel


  • Trucks, equipment or even cargo getting stolen
  • Theft or damage form cyber attack
  • Cargo being stolen while under operator’s care

Unforeseeable Events

  • Fire on rental property due to insured’s error
  • Damage to equipment from natural instances, like hail or falling branches.

Understanding all the instances that insurance can cover is important if you need to assess the risk of operations for your business. Talking to an RSI Insurance Broker can help you understand what you can and cannot cover so click here for a quote for services or call us at 1-800-828-5273 so you can get your questions answered.