Taking care of your drivers can play a huge part in how well your company fares in the highly competitive transportation industry. Not only the hiring and training of your drivers are important, but also protecting them. Having someone with expertise and knowledge of the nuances within your business regardless of the type of labor you depend on should be a major part of your strategy.

The structure of labor can vary but employees v. contractors have unique needs

Having either or both W2 or 1099 drivers on staff can both be fine staffing solutions. Each offers their various advantages and disadvantages and both work fine within the trucking industry.  The choice of employee categorizing should be what works best for your specific company and your needs, so always assess what situation is going to provide you what you need to sustain operations and also for future growth. They both do offer unique risk management considerations, especially if blended, so considering how to insure them may require some unique insurance requirements.

Protecting your people and your business

With any driver, the ways you protect them as workers can be critical. Making sure they are insured properly is important. There are unique considerations for how they are insured and protected. Each grouping of driver(s) will have specialized needs and requirements for how they need to be insured; so work with an insurance broker who can address those specifically.  Proving a clear and transparent understanding of your expenses and payroll split can make it easier to protect those drivers, and more importantly, your business.

 Let us help

Our agents at RSI Insurance Brokers work comprehensively with trucking companies that have various blended workforces of W2 and 1099 drivers. They can offer guidance on how to approach insurance for your drivers and business and offer best in class protection for any situation. Our insurance agents can evaluate and provide customized recommendations and give you a path to ensure there reduced exposure points for your people or your operations. RSI has unique business relationships to provide a custom solution for your business so click here for a quote for services or call us direct at 1-800-828-5273 so we can help!