As technology solutions continue to evolve, some of the older auto tech we have adopted continue to find new ways to develop and provide even more value. Dash cams fit well into this category and even though the technology has been around for 30+ years, there are still new advantages to be garnered from them in 2020.

Why get Dash Cams for your Trucks

Protects against False Claims against the driver

Get rid of the he said/she said scenarios when a driver gets into an accident with a passenger vehicle and the other driver claims no fault. This provides concrete evidence to allow for blame to be placed on the driver who is at fault, as passenger vehicles are at fault in almost 80 percent of truck-passenger vehicle collisions.

Keeps Drivers accountable

When you have a fleet of drivers, driver accountability becomes paramount as you want to keep the best drivers and make sure they take care of their trucks, their cargo and their routes. Having the ability to see what drivers are up to with dash cam technology can truly help the company keep the best and dump the worst operators.

Protect the Vehicle

With night vision, 360 radius and 24 hour parking monitoring, the dashcam technology of today can help protect trucks all hours of the day, even when not occupied. The threat of vandalism and non-moving accidents are common, so to have a record of these can help reduce the risk of unsolved issues substantially.

Use for Training of other drivers

Having live footage of real life examples and scenarios can prove invaluable when providing training to drivers. Dash cams recording abilities have greatly improved to where things are recorded and stored automatically and available for playback whenever needed so true driver situations can be shown to new drivers to help them better prepare for all the incidents that can arise on the job and behind the wheel.

Helps with Insurance Pricing and Processes

Having recorded evidence can help with insurance two ways; 1) some insurance companies will offer discounts on insurance coverage if vehicles have dash cams installed and 2; The claims process if an incident does happen can go much quicker and easier if dashcam footage is available for the claims people to reference and can help the process along tremendously.

For one of the lower cost trucking technologies out there, the advantages of dashcams today are numerous and should always be considered to provide more safety and protection for your drivers and property.