As individuals we all tend to make  resolution or two at the start of a new year. As a business owner or key person in day to day operations, we tend to have daily, quarterly goals in addition to the big projections for years and beyond. No matter your personal or professional ambition to kick-start a resolution, this is the best time of year to conduct an insurance coverage check-up.

Pollution Coverage

Commercial auto liability policies typically have built in pollution coverage, however this is for the other party – not you, your equipment or cargo. Pollution claims aren’t as uncommon as you might think as well. For example, a simple fender bender may cause gasoline to spill or even a leak of cargo containing something as simple as syrup to damage your own property.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Also known as EPLI, this coverage is also a first party coverage similar to pollution liability. As much as our human resource departments can educate and enforce employment law, there may always be a case where one violates such. Talk to your RSI agent about how you can protect your business from such instances.

Here are three quick questions to ask your RSI agent this January to make sure your business ready to rock in 2017 and of course covered in the case there’s a road bump or two.

  1. How am I protected if “X” happens (open ended questions are always beneficial.)
  2. How does Excess coverage work?
  3. How do I protect my personal and business assets?

Contact your agent at RSI Insurance Brokers today to assess the insurance health of your business today!