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Supply Chain Insurance Program

We're proud to introduce a new insurance program tailored for the Cargo Supply Chain. Our program offers cargo insurance coverages for Direct Shippers , Freight Forwarders, Manufacturers , Importers, and Exporters. We welcome the opportunity to show you an extremely competitive alternative to your current insurance program. Highlights of the program include:

  • Online applications providing rates for all types of interests and voyages.

  • Certificates of Insurance are completed on-line.

  • Report your Multi-Declarations, Warehouse Coverage and Domestic Transit from on-line.

  • Premiums for each certificate are calculated automatically.

  • Print Certificates of Insurance on-line from your computer screen.

  • At the beginning of each month, your agent will receive an e-mail summarizing the prior month's activity with all premium details.

  • All Certificates of Insurance automatically include the name and full contact details for the Lloyd's surveyor nearest to the destination city. 

Please contact us for a list of covered commodities

We welcome the opportunity to show you an alternative to your current insurance program.

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