Large Fleet Insurance

Large Fleet Insurance Solution

Are you looking for Monthly Reporting Form Policies? Gross Revenue Policies? Mileage Based Policies?

Did you know that for larger fleets your policy can be issued on an any auto basis where no vehicle schedule changes are needed? This policy type insures your use of owned, non-owned, hired vehicles and subcontracted vehicles-even for the use of private passenger type vehicles. These policies can be written on a gross revenue or mileage premium rating method.

Choosing the right method can reduce the overall cost of your premium, however, it is important to understand the consequences of selecting a method. If your choose the gross revenue program, a rise in your prices will increase your insurance premium, even though your mileage may not change.

If you are not sure which method is right for you, contact a RSI sales representative for your evaluation at 714.546.6616, Ext. 550.



Small Fleet Insurance Solution

Get the plan that is right for you!

For members of the National Truckers Purchasing Group (NTPG), this program offers Auto Liability, Cargo, Physical Damage and Trailer Interchange. The NTPG program features a low down payment, monthly installments, no premium financing, 24 hour coverage, DMV filing, coverage for up to two trucks, and you can cancel at any time!