We are living in an uncertain time. Streets are being used as run ways for protests. These gatherings create new and unique exposures for truckers that were not in the forefront of our minds until now. Do you know what would happen today if your truck is damaged in a riot? Many physical damage policies exclude damage caused by riot or civil unrest. If you’re faced with that, what do you?

Continue reading on and we’ll help you with that solution and give you peace of mind.

RSI Insurance Brokers and Acrisure have created an exclusive solution. We can offer a standalone policy to cover your equipment should it be damaged in a riot. The quoting process is simplified because we value your time. We can give you a quote on the spot. Please contact us today if you are interested in learning more or would like a quote. Our phone number is 714-546-6616 and email is  info@rsi-ins.com.

Here are some additional insights for you:

Riots, vandalism and civil unrest can create unique challenges for business owners—resulting in stolen, damaged or defaced goods and extensive property damage. That’s why it’s crucial to secure proper commercial insurance coverage to adequately protect your business in the event that such a situation occurs within your community.  Review the following guidance for an outline of various insurance solutions that can offer compensation for losses related to riots, vandalism and civil unrest, as well as best practices to consider when making claims in these situations.

Coverage for Riots, Vandalism and Civil Unrest – It might be excluded in your current physical damage policy. RSI can help!

The following forms of commercial insurance coverage can provide protection in the event that your business suffers a loss related to riots, vandalism or civil unrest:

First-party property insurance – This form of coverage can offer compensation for physical losses or property damage to the insured premises and contents. Losses caused by riots, vandalism or civil unrest are typically covered on both “named peril” and “all risk” commercial policies. However, be sure to review your policy to ensure it doesn’t exclude these situations. Keep in mind that your policy might utilize different terminology for these situations (e.g., “civil commotion” as opposed to “civil unrest,” or “riots” and “malicious mischief” as opposed to “vandalism”). Make sure you understand all policy definitions.

Best Practices When Making a Claim

If riots, vandalism or civil unrest take place within your community and result in losses for your business, consider these best practices when making a claim:

Report it immediately—Be sure to report the incident right away to the local authorities and consult your broker for immediate claims assistance. If your driver can, take photos or video. 

Prevent additional losses—When the loss occurs, try to do everything you can to mitigate the risk of further damages. However, only take these precautions if it is safe to do so. Avoid any mitigation measures that could put you, your driver or your employees at risk of injury or fatality.

Beware of waiting periods—Make sure you consider any waiting periods or other deductibles that might apply when making a claim.

Document all expenses and damages—To ensure the best possible compensation for your loss, be sure to document the full extent of the damages that your business incurred by taking plenty of pictures as evidence. Further, make sure you keep track of all expenses related to the loss by saving receipts and bank statements.

For additional coverage guidance, contact us today. Our phone number is 714-546-6616 and email is  info@rsi-ins.com