It is not news to anyone that there are more ways than ever to get insurance for your business.

You can work with large franchised brokerages, small individual agents, independent brokers or even buy online without talking to anyone at all! There are so many ways to procure your insurance so why does your relationship with your agent make a difference to your trucking business? Let’s explore why this can be the most important factor when selecting your insurance provider.

  1. Understanding your Business

Working with your agent to build a relationship enables the agent to listen and better understand your business. This is integral to creating this understanding and it lets the agent qualify you for the best options of insurance to protect you for the best value. As a trucking company in these changing times, you have many unique needs and an agent that has a better understanding of those needs can help identify possible exposure points and get you the insurance to mitigate those. Without building this relationship and having this dialogue, many businesses can end up buying the wrong insurance for what they need and unfortunately, have improper coverage which results in claims not being honored in case of an incident.

  1. Communication of Key Concepts

Once you have a good working relationship with your agent , it all comes down to better communication. He/she can help you understand your options going forward and communicate them in terms that most apply to your situation. Help you understand what may or may not be involved and answer any questions you may have. This allows you, the business owner/management, to be well informed throughout the entire process so there are no surprises when it comes down to pricing, coverage, financing or auditing processes. It truly gives you control and knowledge of your insurance.

  1. Trusting Partnership

Transparent relationships create trust. Having an agent to be a trusted resource, (and they trust you as a client) can make dealing with insurance a much more simple experience. Having a strong relationship with your broker allows them to know you and your business, and when you truly trust their expertise, it creates a potent business partnership. Remember; they are an expert in insurance so having an agent you feel comfortable with when dealing with insurance can make even the most arduous situation less painful. They want to do the best for you so having a mutually trusting relationship can alleviate a lot of the headaches.

  1. Responsiveness and Delivery

Once you establish this partnership with your agent, they become an extension of your business and can provide better service, more proactive and reactive measures for you, and ultimately, deliver better service and responsiveness. With the trucking industry, things are constantly changing so having an agent who truly understands you and your business through a strong ongoing relationship can help them provide you key information or request quicker and more accurately.

Having a great agent working with you closely through a developed relationship can yield some fairly significant results.

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